Teaching: empowering or undermining??
Grossly speaking I see 3 kinds of teaching: undermining; falsely empowering; and truly empowering.

The first style is like putting people inside tight boxes, shaping their behaviors and mindsets, factory-like style. We have a long history with that, just look at the world around.

The second category takes people out of that castrating environment and offers a much more spacious play-ground for "safe" investigation. This gives the illusion of liberation, which is relatively true but ultimately limiting for, although the edges of this box are hidden in plain sight, people's behavior is still determined by external conceptualizations of whatever sort. All to often people fall trap of such codification, for not having perhaps enough willingness to examine the veracity of what has been told. Yet you can easily distinguish the original from the copies.

The third mode, the most unfrequent, to say the least, tears down the walls, dissolve boundaries and points the way out of the cage towards the boundless space of infinite possibilities. The learning here unfolds from inside out by encouraging the direct experience and relationship to the unknown, the source of our existence. Along this path people do not end up looking alike. The sense of self-identity is fluid, ever-changing and may take on any shape.

I highly resonate with this later path, and actually, that's what Play-Fight and Liquid-Body are about. From now they shall be converged within the same flow, the FORMLESS ARTS!!