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Conditions, Fees and HOW TO APPLY
Including: classes - 3 meals p/d - accommodation facilities
52 spots total
6 to 12 helpers
20 beds in shared rooms
Plenty of space for camping
Regular fees:
1 week - Camping 450€ / Bed 510€
Whole period - Camping 870€ / Bed 990€
Helpers fees - Applications temporarily closed !
1 week - 250€
Whole period - 470€
Cancellation Policy:
Until 15th March, the amount is 100% refundable
From 15th March until 15th June, 50% refund
From 15th June until the start of the Festival, the amount is not refundable, only a replacement can be arranged
Note: a 10% administrative fee is applicable on the deposit in all refunding cases
Steps for the application
Helpers dynamics
Registrations will open on 25th January
For further information: formlessartsevents@gmail.com
Steps for the application
  1. Send a message to formlessartsevents@gmail.com or fill in the form directly in the Registration page of the website
  2. Fill in and send the Application Form
  3. Once the application is accepted, we will further instruct you how to proceed with payment as well as with other logistics
  4. Only once bank deposit has been made your spot is confirmed
Helpers dynamics:
Notice: Applications are temporarily closed as we have already a Waiting List !

We will select a team from 6 up to 12 helpers at maximum. We aim and value a good synergetic connection among the team to favour a pleasant and satisfying experience for all sides. Unlike the discount the helpers selection will follow a criteria of its own; chronological order is only one of the criteria.

Aspects to be evaluated
- Chronological order
- Experiences in other events under similar roles
- Genuine motivation on being part of the Team, despite of the common necessity to participate favoured by the reduced fee