13 - 27 August 2022 / italy
This will be an exciting celebration Year of reunion; finally rivers that had to keep running parallel from a forced distance can now join again forces and experiences meeting into a shared sea !!
Bruno Caverna and Marina Pereira will come back to the Play-Fight home and guide the Camp taking care of the morning sessions next to Francesca and Ester who will take care of the afternoons. To enrich the picture and give continuity to the past two years, Miriam, Chiara and Lena, who are just about to give a next important step within the Play-Fight facilitator path, will have the chance to offer one session each throughout the 10 days. For more info on the schedule you can get in touch with us and anyway we will be able to offer more details to all participants before the start of the event.
Play-Fight Practice is one of the pillars of Formless Arts. The practice weaves physicality with movement philosophy, shedding awareness into the unconscious resistances towards the gravitational force and the pervasive fear of falling (physically and existentially) that appears as an inherent human condition. Tensions and adversities are necessary frictions to spark evolution and growth, however when stagnated, accumulated and suppressed below the conscious radar, it may potentially turn out into traumatic events, the source for a myriad of dysfunctionalities externalized on the body-mind system. The physical drills, orientated in playfulness, focus on recognizing, acknowledging and recycling those harmful lifelong storage of unnecessary hidden tensions and blockages into a self-empowerment cultivation.
Play-Fight Practice also regards the ecology of life as an inherent and inescapable interplay between cooperation and confrontation. The practice's overall aim is to integrate such a dichotomy into one fertile ground for the exploration of a dynamic balance in between such oppositions. The presence of an engaging partner is vital to ignite the mirror effect, the weaving-thread that permeates through all physical exercises and drills. By cultivating a tactful and honest confrontation, our vulnerabilities, fears, denials, escapisms and blind spots are reciprocally revealed in the bodies. As part of the process we serve to each other as a metaphorical lighthouse, like a point of navigation that supports and nourishes individual's excavation into the depths of our own inner sea of obfuscated resistances, all the way to the roots.


We welcome movers from all kinds of physical disciplines available and willing to handle the physical, emotional and psychological confrontational aspects upon facing the self beyond the images, acquired identities and other social constructions we tend to cling to.
Francesca Romano
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Bruno Caverna
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Marina Pereira
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Ester Braga
Her background of experiences and interests mainly interconnects intensive training in contemporary dance and floor-work, contact improvisation, instant composition, with her later studies into yoga, postural and somatic practices. She has met Bruno Caverna in 2014, first through Liquid Body, later through Play-Fight; a mind-blowing encounter which since then has been at the foundation of her journey, in life and profession. Ester currently works as manager for Formless Arts and as Play-Fight Facilitator while following consistently workshops and events, aware of navigating through a life-long journey of challenging, yet revealing body-mind explorations and uplifting interactions. At the moment she is also deepening her research in the line between Play-Fight & Contact Improvisation and integrating her important experience in the Yoga panorama within Formless Arts activities, connecting the approach from the very essence of Formless Arts philosophy.
Francesca Romano
She started her studies in dance and movement when she was a child. Over the years she went through Artistic Gymnastics, modern and contemporary dance, contact improvisation, dance theatre, performing arts studying and working with many dancers and movement researchers. In 2005 she graduated at the School of Drama Paolo Grassi (Milan).

She works as a dance and movement teacher, performer and choreographer. Since 2013 she has expanded her research approaching yoga and martial arts having so far a deeper experience and knowledge about connection between body, mind and inner space. This movement field was a point of revolution for her studies and she started to follow this path, researching more and more what's beyond definitions, trying to always be in a state of openness typical of the "beginner mind". It was in 2015 that she approached the work of Bruno Caverna during a Play-Fight workshop.

From that moment she started to follow this practice constantly, finding in its tools important points of inspiration, new ways to approach movement and life, new ways to connect with the others and herself. As member of Formless Arts team she supports the realization of specific projects and works as Play-Fight facilitator.
Bruno Caverna
Bruno Caverna is the founder of Formless Arts, a multidisciplinary platform with an educational and cultural nature, and is the creator of the Play-Fight and Liquid-Body practices that approach the mind-body relationship from an innovative perspective.

Since 1987 Caverna has been integrating in his life trajectory, personal and professional, knowledge of several disciplines starting with Capoeira, passing through Acrobatics, Contemporary Dance, Contact-improvisation, Chi-Kung, Russian Martial Arts and Freediving. As a young man Bruno began teaching capoeira in 1995 as a social project in partnership with Luiz Lopez at the Philippe Pinel psychiatric hospital in Rio de Janeiro. The highly challenging project induced Bruno and Luiz to a process of deconstructing the most conventional pedagogical methods of capoeira at the time, under a pressure to integrate and communicate through some body language to a mentally committed audience. From this urge to go beyond normality, his self-taught character and the realization that his life trajectory would be unusual is born.

After failed attempts to pursue an academic path, Bruno dropped out of 3 university courses to devote himself to his highest life purpose. In 2000 Caverna decides to follow an inner call and detaches from all his social commitments to explore the world in a nomadic style. As each new experience and opportunity unfolds only after 20 years, due to the pandemic crisis, Bruno decides to return to his homeland with his partner Marina Sekacheva, with whom he has been collaborating since 2015.

In these last 20 years of a ceaseless flow, Bruno has established his base in parts of the world: Amsterdam, Oslo, Berlin, Athens, Zurich, Brussels, Moscow and St. Petersburg. Bruno has been invited to give workshops at schools, festivals and recognized dance companies in over 35 countries communicating in 6 languages. As a teacher Bruno taught for the Impulstanz Festival, Ultima Vez-Wim Vandekeybus, Deltebre Festival, Kalamata International Dance Festival; Codarts Rotterdam, Circus School of Chalons en Champagne in France, just to mention a few. He has also participated in social projects such as the Oslo Penitentiary, the Norwegian Refugee Camp, the Psychiatric Clinic for Young People and People with Physical Disabilities in Belgium; and at an immigrant school in The Hague. As a choreographer he was invited to do choreographic research for the Norwegian National Ballet; he has choreographed for the Istanbul MDTist-Opera and the Oslo Dance Conservatory, and has been a guest choreographer for the contemporary children's dance company De Stilte in the Netherlands. Bruno was invited to be the artistic resident at the University of Stavanger in Norway in 2012.

Still in 2012 Bruno created Play-Fight and Liquid-Body practices and in 2016 changed the focus of his professional perspective by founding Formless Arts. Since then Bruno has been organizing his own events, teaching training courses under the philosophy of Formless Arts which currently has a team of 10 people based in 6 countries. Bruno assiduously trains Systema, a Russian martial art, with his master Alexander Solovev. The meeting with Mr. Solovev has been revolutionary in deepening the inner and subtle arts. Bruno is also a Watsu practitioner and a freediver. Lately Bruno has been dedicating himself to the respiratory universe, becoming an instructor of the Buteyko breathing methods and the Oxygen Advantage, the decisive step towards the newest chapter: Pulmonautas.
Marina Pereira
Dancer, choreographer and teacher in the field of Contemporary Dance and of the movement philosophy of "Formless Arts". Play-Fight Practice Facilitator.

From 1999 to the present day, she has been exploring her body and mind through the practical process of diverse languages of movement and artistic expressions. She lived experiences in contemporary and classical dance, basketball, gymnastics, jazz dance, folk dance, yoga, tap dance, street dance (house, hip-hop, waacking, vogue), Play-Fight Practice, the ancient Russian martial art Systema, Liquid Body Practice, acting as well as freediving.

She graduated from "Herzen Russian State Pedagogical University", the Institute of Music, Theater and Choreography, where she worked in depth to develop her abilities as a choreographer and performer.

Since 2016 Marina has immersed herself in the Play-Fight and Liquid Body practices. She began to actively study outside of Russia, which dramatically influenced her perception of the body and sense of herself in the world. The core of her teaching and research has become more focused on the principles of relaxation, falling and the force of gravity. Sensitivity to resistance and tension in the body became more present in the approach to practice and significantly altered the state and effect of the body-mind relationship.

Gradually, after several years of assisting Bruno Caverna (founder of the FA philosophy) at various festivals and camps around the world, she acquired the role of a senior member of the Formless Arts team, where she develops and supervises photo and video projects, as well as graphic design and website creation.

Marina currently lives in Brazil and she is developing her own online and offline improvisation development program called "Dissolution".

Anghiari surroundings (35 km from Arezzo)

The town you will need to reach is Anghiari (Arezzo-Italy). There will be a pick up service probably in set times, from the morning to the afternoon (we will be able to schedule the service only later on once we will know participants' arrival time). It is important to organize your trip in order to get to the Camp site the earliest as possible.
We will have more detailed information later on.

Suggested airports: Pisa, Florence, Bologna, but also Milan and Rome, then train to Arezzo.

You can get to Arezzo by train
(www.trenitalia.com : italian train company web site). Directly from the train station you can catch the bus SI381 to Sanseplocro from the Bus Terminal, right next to the train station. Bus schedule will be available soon.

CAR SHARING: we will create a Facebook group to organize rides amongst participants.

3 couple bedrooms,
2 single spots,
and shared rooms of maximum 4-5 people

Plenty of space for camping

Including: classes - 3 meals p/d - camping facilities - pick up from Anghiari to Casa Monterosi)

First 8 registrations - 720 / sold out
Regular fee - 840
Helper position (more information follows below) - 540
Bed reservation - 130
Steps for the application
1. Send a message playfightitaly@gmail.com or apply directly at this link: docs.google.com/forms

2. Once the application is accepted, we will further instruct you how to proceed with payment as well as with other logistics

3. Only once bank deposit has been made your spot is confirmed

4. As the group gets formed we will connected all through facebook and email for those who don't have it to figure out a the arrival logistic

Helpers Dynamic
We will select a number of helpers depending on the size of the group (around 6 - 8 helpers). We aim and value a good synergic connection among the team to favour a pleasant and satisfying experience for all sides.

Unlike the discount the helpers selection will follow a criteria of its own chronological order is only one of the criteria.

Aspects to be evaluated:

- Chronological order
- Experience in the previous Play-Fight Camps
- Experiences in other events under similar roles
- Genuine motivation on being part of the Team, despite the common necessity to participate favoured by the reduced fee.

Please fill in this form first, then you will receive info to register:
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