Play-Fight practice, over the years, has gathered a community of people coming from different corners of the world, bringing together a variety of background and movement experiences, yet all united by the deep willingness to question the self, learn through the physical and sensorial experience and cultivate a common ground of mutual support which is fundamental in order to be able to embrace challenges and meet resistances. The Community blooms from inside out, sustained by a core of people (the Team) who works under the curtains in order to provide opportunities to study and meet the work that Bruno Caverna has been tirelessly developing over time. Around this pulsing centre, there are dedicated and skilled human beings who are now engaged as part of the Program to become Play-Fight Facilitators, some of them are also leading Play-Fight study groups in the city where they live. The Community is constantly flourishing, thanks to so many generous and motivated people who have been following Formless Arts and Play-Fight, sharing their understanding, doubts and participation.
The door is always open for anyone interested in joining this path.
Cornelia Voglmayr
Facilitator Program
Chiara Zompa
Facilitator Program
Rino Indiono
Facilitator Program
Camilla Przystawski
Facilitator Program
Bertrand Larrieu
Facilitator Program
Luca Cristofani
Facilitator Program
Alex Gotch
Facilitator Program
Lena Turek
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Julian Voneschen
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Paulina Rewucka
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Tobias Patry
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Martin Duris
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Federica Bottini
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Bruno Caverna
Play-Fight practice Founder, teacher
Originally from Rio de Janeiro Bruno started practicing a vast array of physical practices at the age of 8, such as capoeira, contact-improvisation, contemporary dance, acrobatics, watsu, taiji, qi-gong and systema, just to mention a few. Through his auto-didactic nature, Bruno has been extensively researching ways of integrating elements of these diverse movement practices into a more expansive somatic understanding and training method (for dancers, movement practitioners and anyone seeking a path towards reconnecting with their body knowledge). During his journey, Bruno has been deeply fascinated by the mysterious ways water behaves and flows in its natural environment; the water studies next to the education in watsu have become a fluid compass for his life navigation, leading him to develop Liquid Body, the foundation of his movement practice. Since 1994 until now Bruno has been teaching/sharing passionately and tirelessly his life experiences with people from all walks of life in more than 30 countries. He authored Formless Arts, an umbrella and philosophical core for Play-Fight and Liquid Body practices, results of a vision that questions our crystallized concepts, while at the same time interweaving a multitude of disciplines and tribes through a common thread.

Play-Fight Events
Ester Braga
Team Member / Admin & Coordinator
Ester's background of experiences and interests mainly interconnects her intensive training in contemporary dance and floorwork, contact improvisation, instant composition, with later studies into yoga, postural and somatic practices. The first encounter with Bruno Caverna happened in 2014, first through Liquid Body, later through Play-Fight. These practices offered a fertile ground for the integration of all movement experiences had until that moment and the gradual acquisition of fundamentals tools for the application of what happens during the training into everyday life. Ester currently works for Formless Arts as administrator and coordinator of the internal communication and shared works amongst the Team. Together with Miriam carries on a Play-Fight practice group in Bologna since 2016, while following and supporting consistently FA Projects, aware of navigating through a life-long journey of challenging, yet revealing body-mind explorations and uplifting interactions.

Study Group Bologna
Marina Sekacheva
Team Member / Filmmaker & Designer
For nineteen years, Marina has been studying in different dance areas ,such as classic, folk, contemporary dance, tap dance, street dance, jazz. Nowadays, she works as a young choreographer, dancer and contemporary dance teacher in Russia. In 2015 Marina dived into the movement philosophy of Formless Arts. Through these practices Marina deeply changed her perception towards dance, consciousness and relationships between people, finding a space where to meet, understand and eventually let go of resistances so to develop a honest attitude towards yourself and others. She could experience through these new quality of approach, a meaningful change in both dance and life. As a Formless Arts Team Member, the role of Marina is to design and curate photo and video projects. She carries on a Play-Fight Study Group in St.Petersburg and also organizes Formless Arts events in Russia.

Study Group Russia
Moritz Lembert
Team Member / Resources Investigator
Born in Vienna, he is currently training and working as performer and professional Dancer, after having gathered experience in many different styles of dance such as: Breakdance, Urban styles, ballet, acrobatics and contemporary dance. His interest in the body, mind and the world of movement, led him to explore other fields and practices like shiatsu, climbing and bodywork. He came across Bruno Caverna and his work in the year 2013. Since then it became an underlying practice that is greatly influencing his approach to the world of movement and his way of living. Moritz keeps following consistently Formless Arts workshops and events, exploring and studying, seeing the connectedness and possible implementations of the work. As Member of FA Team, his main role is to build the necessary financial support for the community in order to keep the exploration of the unknown going. Moreover, together with Cornelia, he regularly facilitates the Play-Fight study group in Vienna.

Study Group Vienna
Miriam Costa
Team Member / Play-Fight Kids Coordinator
Miriam's studies include a long training in contemporary dance, release and floorwork techniques, traditional dances, physical-dance theater and postural-muscular balance practices. Since several years she teaches and works as freelancer for companies as well as in performing arts and video projects. Since 2014 she began to deepen her studies with Bruno Caverna, meeting the Liquid Body and the Play-Fight practices, which represented a huge step into the understanding of the body-mind functioning and an important channel for working on the self in different levels of the being. Currently she is a Team Member at Formless Art; together with Ester Braga, carries on a Play-Fight practice in Bologna since 2016. Her aim is to continue to follow the Formless Art study program, to cooperate in improving its work and to share it in various contexts, from the stage to the pedagogy. In 2018, she started coordinating the Play-Fight Kids project in Bologna, introducing the practice to kids of Primary and Secondary schools.

Page of group in Bologna: Play-Fight Bologna
Francesca Romano
Team Member
Francesca started her studies in dance and movement since she was a child. Over the years she went through Artistic Gymnastics, modern and contemporary dance, contact improvisation, dance theater, performing arts. Now she work as dance and movement teacher, performer and choreographer. In the last five years she expanded her research in movement approaching yoga and martial arts having so far a deeper experience and knowledge about connection between body, mind and inner space. In 2015 for the first time she approached the work of Bruno Caverna during a Play Fight workshop in Italy and from that moment she follows this practice constantly, finding in its tools important points of inspiration for re-discovering ways to approach life, the others and ourselves. As member of Formless Arts team she supports the realization of specific projects, she helps in the communication and internal administration, at the same time she is part of the Study Program following the path to become a Play-Fight Facilitator.
Rodrigo Maia
Study Group Rio De Janeiro
Rodrigo Maia, Brazilian dance artist, theater and performance, works in Brazil, Latin America and Europe. He researches the relations between body-object-environments. He is director of movement, body preparer, post-graduated in Visual Arts and Body Preparation in Performing Arts. Rodrigo works as artistic collaborator in the projects: "Croatã" and "Fronteiras", which are international projects that work in the artistic, educational and environmental field, participating in artistic residencies and festivals in Latin American countries. He has been a producer and collaborator of Play-Fight in Rio de Janeiro since 2016, also by carrying on a Study Group. He believes it to be a body approach of extreme subtlety and power, created by Bruno Caverna, who has been intensifying his practical and philosophical learning in the art of nonresistance.
Benjamin Lindh
Study Group Basel
Raised in Stockholm, Sweden, Benjamin has lived a life with a diversity of interests and professions. Dance and Yoga has been present from a very young age, but he's also a self taught chef and practitioner of various bodywork therapy. Throughout his life he's had the privilege to travel and also live long periods of time in India, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Besides growing up with yoga from a family influence, an interest in ancient practices brought him to study Tai Chi as well as Ayurveda and Massage. Benjamin met Bruno Caverna in Norway 2011 during his studies in Contemporary Dance. During this time he felt like there was something else than the performative dance to be explored. They reconnected again a few years later when Play-Fight and Formless arts had started. This pulled him in immediately as for Benjamin, he felt it was connecting strings of philosophy, play and emotional vulnerability. He has been part of studying on various gatherings around the world ever since and he is part of the Study Program to become a facilitator. He now lives in Basel, Switzerland, where he recently started facilitating a Play-Fight Study Group.
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