Attend an ever-growing amount of requests, particularly from those who have been
experiencing and inspired by Play-Fight, Liquid-Body and Becoming Animal practices,
an opportunity to study in-depth the Formless Arts internal processes and its philosophical concepts.
Although Play-Fight and Liquid Body are the main vehicle for the practical studies, the program encompasses a much broader perspective and domains of research. Along the course we will visit various correlated disciplines, often only briefly exposed in the regular classes. Some of the topics amongst others are:

- martial arts psychology and its therapeutic benefits
- consciousness studies and contemplative mind
- life-as-a-play perspective
- water studies according to Viktor Schauberger and Theodor Schwenk views
- biotensegrity

As our attitude, though, is one of openness and of humble curiosity towards the unknown, the direction to follow might be well influenced by the collective engagement, sincere inquiries and spontaneous contributions along the process.
At the present moment the Program offers
one main category of enrollment and commitment:
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Play-Fight Facilitator - Pedagogical Line
To whom: People who have been following Play-Fight practice for a while already, achieving a first good level of physical understanding of the main principles and their applications - willing and ready for a higher level of challenge and commitment.

Process: Preparing and educating participants to acquire a higher understanding of Play-Fight pedagogical and methodological precepts, which are intimately inscribed into the wider picture of Formless Arts philosophy.

Further perspective: Embodying necessary knowledge by developing incontestable pedagogical abilities to eventually become a Play-Fight/Formless Arts facilitator. Autonomy to conduct own Play-Fight classes, workshops and related events.

Workload: Min. of 3 years of steady engagement and physical attendance at Play-Fight workshops.

Progressive path:
  • The pedagogical line is defined in 3 level`
  • Minimum of 3 years to become an autonomous facilitator
  • Each level encompasses 2 gatherings
  • Participation at Formless Arts events is required
  • Participation in any other related practices is encouraged
  • Reports, exchanges, updates and communication need to be delivered on a regular basis.

    To receive the full Outline write at formlessartsevents@gmail.com

Where: Casa Monterosi - Anghiari (Tuscany)
When: 23rd April - 3rd May 2019

For info on levels & requirements, write at: