Play-Fight Leipzig
Workshop by Formless Arts

22 - 23 February 2020

Formless Arts offers the ground for a Play-Fight workshop facilitated by Ester with the direct support of Francesca. A chance to dive into the practice through the personal understanding and elaboration of two dedicated students and collaborators in the Team.

About the workshop:
THE CLASS will weave a journey through different exercises, eventually flowing into the free play. Focusing on reawakening awareness upon stored unnecessary tensions and dysfunctional patterns of reactions, we will gradually move beyond the field of mere physicality to embrace all aspects of the being. Only when able to recognise how much tension we accumulate in our system, by releasing, we can transform the tension into real power.
"Stop doing" allows the body to re-function organically and efficiently, while the mind starts interfering less and less at each step we take. Through the other, with the other, we can flow, embrace the challenge, discover further about who we are not; eventually embodying a state of non-resistance, towards ourselves first.

- falling as a state of being
- gravity practice
- non-resistance quality
- preserving structural integrity
- doing without doing
- connection, with or without the physical contact
- work with and through fears
- confrontation & collaboration
- play as inherent fundamental quality

Ester Braga - Her background of experiences and interests mainly interconnects intensive training in contemporary dance and floor-work, contact improvisation, instant composition, with her later studies into yoga, postural and somatic practices. The first encounter with Bruno Caverna happened in 2014, first through Liquid Body, later through Play-Fight. These practices gave her the ground for the fascinating integration of the movement experiences had until that moment, gradually acquiring important tools for the application of the core principles into everyday life. Ester currently works as manager in the Formless Arts Team while following consistently workshops and events, aware of navigating through a life-long journey of challenging, yet revealing body-mind explorations and uplifting interactions. Since 2 years she started facilitating Play-Fight practice supported by Formless Arts structure and through the direct guidance of Bruno Caverna.


Tanz-Zentrale Leipzig (Germany)

22 - 23 February 2020
Saturday: 11am - 6pm (1 hour break) & 6.30 - 8.30pm JAM !!
Sunday: 11am - 5pm (1 hour break)

8 Early Bird spots: 80€
Regular Fee: open choice in between 95€ - 110€

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Info about the practice:

booking & cancellation policy:
Only through the Deposit we can consider your place booked.
In case of cancellation the Deposit cannot be refunded but a replacement can be arranged or the amount can be reinvested in another event by Formless Arts.

*For those who could not join the workshop in Leipzig or anyone else interested, there will be a Play-Fight class happening in Dresden on Monday 24th, from 7.30 to 10.30pm.
For more information please write to Cristoph:
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