Play-Fight Camp is Formless Arts major event and it works on a collaborative basis. It takes place in a stunningly beautiful landscape of Tuscany and the activities are held on an outdoors studio under a breathtaking view. In case of those seldon rainy days, we will either squeeze and adapt the practice in the small indoor studio or embrace a wet raw experience in the wilderness. The first edition took place in 2016 and every year different collaborators join and support the process by sharing their unique perspectives.

One of the main characteristics of the Camp is a nourished connectivity of the group to move through the process together from the beginning to the end. In this regard we will only accept application of those who availability for the entire period.
Facing own resistances plays a huge role in the practice. Personal resistance is often a gestural response of deep fears. While fear is a vital biological mechanism that supports the survival of the species, the lifelong acquired societal fears not only violate its original evolutionary design, but are highly detrimental for the organism. During the practice, a friendly terrain is architected to safely evoke and explore own resistances and the fears that accompanied them. A major evidence of progress happens whenever someone quits resisting own resistances and eventually stops fighting with themselves. A simple mental shift with tremendous beneficial implications.
The cultivation of brutal self-honesty is one of the main pillars of Play-Fight. It is an effective exercise that allows clear distinctions to be made, specially discerning the false ideas and images we construct about ourselves. In contrast, to define intellectually the "real" is seemingly an unachievable task, analogously in trying to capture the ocean with a net. The false, on the other hand, can be recognised and discerned rationally. The Play-Fight paves the road to a practice of deconstructive features by challenging and stripping away any fabricated ideas we may hold about ourselves. In order to cultivate self-honesty to such an extend of relinquishing the false for the falling into a state of no longer knowing who we are, requires commitment, trust and courage. Having the sense of (false) identity scattered may feel like falling into an abyss, and thus, existential fears, vertigo sensations, and dreadful feelings can be occasionally experienced whilst realizing that which we cannot not be.
This is one musical instrument that cannot be left out of the symphony. As simple as that, no connectivity no concert, no Play-Fight. Since the feeling of being connected is subjective, the challenge here is to orientate participants to discern the specific feeling of connectedness without which Play-Fight simply can't take place. Anyone working in aquatic environment knows by experience that resisting to the water flow (fighting attitude) is fruitless, unrealistic. Water is the ultimate inspirational natural element for Play-Fight, for humbly teaching us the way of non-resistance, the doorway to the specific type of connectivity we value, cultivate and sustain throughout the practice.
We welcome movers from all kind of physical disciplines available to handle the physical, emotional and psychological confrontational aspects of martial arts and willing to embark on a self-discovery journey.
The Camp is an event envisioned by Bruno Caverna that works on a collaborative basis, located in the stunningly beautiful landscape of Tuscany, hosted by Casa Monterosi (the Play-Fight Camp house),
in Anghiari (35 km from Arezzo, Italy).
The uncontaminated location, surrounded by hills, forest, breathtaking view and flowing water, offers the perfect conditions to enter in direct touch with Nature and also have the appropriate facilities for living, moving, resting, sharing spaces and time within a large group of people.

There are two dance spaces, a smaller one indoor and a large platform outdoor. However the activities will take full advantage of the landscape, ready to move in a variety of conditions, soil, grass, forest, sun, wind, rain...together, nourishing joy and willingness to try and Play.