24 July - 3 August, Tuscany, Italy
The Camp is an event envisioned by Bruno Caverna that works on a collaborative basis, located in the stunningly beautiful landscape of Tuscany. Activities are held on an outdoors studio under a breathtaking view. In case of rainy days (very rarely) we will either squeeze in the small indoor studio or face a wet experience in the wilderness.

The first edition took place in 2016 and every year Bruno invites different collaborators to join and support the process. This year we will have the presence of Rob Poyton (third time in a row) with his perspective on Russian Systema.

One of the main characteristics of the Camp is a nourished connectivity of the group to move through the process together, from the beginning to the end. In this regard we will only accept applications of those who are available for the entire period.
Bruno Caverna
Play-Fight practice Founder, teacher
Originally from Rio de Janeiro Bruno started practicing a vast array of physical practices at the age of 8, such as capoeira, contact-improvisation, contemporary dance, acrobatics, watsu, taiji, qi-gong and systema, just to mention a few. Through his auto-didactic nature, Bruno has been extensively researching ways of integrating elements of these diverse movement practices into a more expansive somatic understanding and training method (for dancers, movement practitioners and anyone seeking a path towards reconnecting with their body knowledge). During his journey, Bruno has been deeply fascinated by the mysterious ways water behaves and flows in its natural environment; the water studies next to the education in watsu have become a fluid compass for his life navigation, leading him to develop Liquid Body, the foundation of his movement practice. Since 1994 until now Bruno has been teaching/sharing passionately and tirelessly his life experiences with people from all walks of life in more than 30 countries. He authored Formless Arts, an umbrella and philosophical core for Play-Fight and Liquid Body practices, results of a vision that questions our crystallized concepts, while at the same time interweaving a multitude of disciplines and tribes through a common thread.

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Robert Poyton
COLLABORATOR : Russian Systema Teacher
Robert was born in 1963 in West Ham, London. After training in Judo and boxing he began formal martial arts training in 1981 with John Ding in Yang Family Taijiquan. He continued his Taiji studies with Vincent Chu, Gin Soon Chu, and Jim Uglow.

In addition he has trained in other styles of Kung Fu, Ju Jitsu, Combatives, etc with people such as Yap Cheng Hai, Ji Jian Cheng, George Xu, Erle Montaigue, Chen Xiaowang, Rick Moneymaker, Peter Consterdine, Dave Turton, Rob Murray, David Nicholson and others.

Robert runs a regular weekly training session as well as private tuition and corporate work. He also travels throughout the UK to teach seminars and workshops and has authored a series of Systema training films.

He now trains solely in Systema, which he describes as "an art that encompasses all aspects of living". Outside of training Robert is a professional musician who claims to have "suffered for my art, now it's your turn..."

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Team of Play-Fight Camp
Ester Braga
Organizer, assistant
Miriam Costa
Organizer, assistant
Chiara Zompa
Organizer, assistant
Marina Sekacheva
Assistant, photographer, video maker
Moritz Lembert
Information for the participant:
When / Where / Whom
Steps for the application:
Helpers dynamics:
Next edition will take place from 24th July to 3rd August 2019. Registrations just started!

Anghiari surroundings (35 km from Arezzo)

We welcome movers from all kind of physical disciplines available and willing to handle the physical, emotional and psychological confrontational aspects of martial arts
52 spots total 10 reductions
6 to 12 helpers
20 beds in shared rooms
plenty of space for camping
Fees (Including: classes - 3 meals p/d - camping facilities)
550 euros – first 10 registrations
640 euros – regular fee
350 euros – helper position (more information follows below)
100 euros extra – for bed reservation

1. Send a message
2. You will receive the application form
3. We will further instruct you how to proceed with payment as well as with other logistics
4. Once bank deposit has been made your spot is confirmed*
5. As the group gets formed we will connected all through facebook and email for those who don't have it to figure out a the arrival logistic

Note: The discount offered for the first applications will be only granted upon the bank deposit. That's to say, being the first ones to apply don't necessarily guarantee a discount spot.
We will select a team from 6 up to 12 helpers at maximum. We aim and value a good synergetic connection among the team to favor a pleasant and satisfying experience for all sides.
Unlike the discount the helpers selection will follow a criteria of its own chronological order is only one of the criteria.

Aspects to be evaluated:
- Chronological order
- Experience in the previous Play-Fight Camps
- Experiences in other events under similar roles
- Genuine motivation on being part of the Team, despite of the common necessity to participate favoured by the reduced fee.

Note that if you apply for helper you will lose the timeframe to apply for a discount as the selection will likely take longer time. We won't confirm it right away in order to understand the dynamics of the people who would like to compose the team.

Video by Marina Sekacheva