Play-Fight Sao Paulo

1 - 2 December 2018

A self-empowering physical practice that weaves together cooperative qualities of contact improvisation with highly refined confrontational principles from capoeira and internal martial arts. The exploration goes beyond the fringes of mere physicality. The reciprocal mirroring through the physical drills leads the practice into a deep space of self-discovery, for acknowledging and revealing myriad aspects in human interactions and expressions. The core guidance is to learn how to preserve own integrity and inner calm under controlled stress-induced events while being engaged through playfully confrontational interactions. The embodiment of principles of non-resistance and non-violence is at the top of all achievements for allowing flow to be embodied, returning thus to our original state of being.

- efficiency vs effectiveness
- kinetic power vs internal power
- physical contact vs connectedness
- intention vs intent
- principles of non-resistance and effortlessness
- fight vs play
- gravity practice
- falling as a state of being


saturday 1st and Sunday 2nd December 2018

10 - 18 with 2 hours break (12 hours workshop)


Lab C - conecsoma

Cardeal Arcoverde 119 Pinheiros, 05407000 São Paulo, Brazil

290,00 until 15 November
320,00 until 22 November
350 reais from 16 November