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workshop With Bruno Caverna
16 - 17 March / Barcelona
"Play-Fight has a more holistic flavor by welcoming participants, above all, into a retrieval process towards wholeness and integrity on every level of the being."
Bruno Caverna
Originator of Play-Fight Practice
Workshop programme
Recognizing dysfunctional moving patterns
Mapping the inner landscapes of physical blockages
Embodying principles of effortlessness
Pursuit of mental relaxation by confronting discomfortable zones
Releasing internal blockages and recycling stored resistances into forms of power ad personal strength
Primal fear of falling as a coping mechanisms and its multi-dimensionality implications
The cultivation of non-resistance as a doorway to enter into the flow state
Play-Fight is one of the pillars of Formless Arts. The practice weaves physicality with movement philosophy, shedding awareness into the unconscious resistances towards the gravitational force and the pervasive fear of falling (physically and existentially) that appears as an inherent human condition. Tensions and adversities are necessary frictions to spark evolution and growth, however when stagnated, accumulated and suppressed below the conscious radar, it may potentially turn out into traumatic events, the source for a myriad of dysfunctionalities externalized on the body-mind system. The physical drills, orientated in playfulness, focus on recognizing, acknowledging and recycling those harmful lifelong storage of unnecessary hidden tensions and blockages into a self-empowerment cultivation. Play-Fight Practice also regards the ecology of life as an inherent and inescapable interplay between cooperation and confrontation.
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Open level, that's to say, the practice welcomes everyone sincerely curious to embark on a deep and fine self-knowledge practice through physicality, playfulness and embodied philosophy.
16 - 17 March
11:00 - 17:00
● Early Bird - 125 euro
● Regular Fee - 155 euro
tragantDansa Studio
c/ Reig i Bonet, 23 Baixos (gràcia), 08024 Barcelona
Founder of Formless Arts - Movement Philosophy.
Originator of Play-Fight and Liquid Body Practices.
Bruno Caverna is a pioneer in creating authentic multidisciplinary body-mind practices sustained by an embodied movement philosophy drawn from over 35 years of studying and immersing in various of disciplines such as Gymnastics, Capoeira, Acrobatics, Contemporary Dance, Contact-improvisation, Taiji, Russian Systema, Watsu, Surfing and Freediving. Bruno began teaching in 1995 as a capoeira project leader at a psychiatric hospital. The highly demanding context supported his auto-didactic nature to flourish whilst the process configured deconstructive in its essence, the pedagogical ground for all the other future teaching projects that eventually expanded over 30 countries worldwide in the past 20 years.
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