- A dialogue on courage, softness and Innerness on land and in water -
With Andreas Peper and Bruno Caverna

25 September - 3 October, Dahab
"Recently Bruno Caverna met Andreas Peper in Dahab to learn about Freediving. The encounter was utterly inspiring and triggered many revelations as the philosophies behind their practices were finely in tune. For Bruno to learn from someone like Andreas is an extremely rare and precious occasion. They decided to offer this joint event to share their practices, perspectives and the potency of this encounter
with anyone familiar with ocean swimming."
- Surround by softness – an oceanic adventure
By Andreas Peper
This is a workshop for anyone who has had good experiences in the water, also natural waters and who is interested to explore further, starting from there. It is a workshop about a holistc way to swim, one that is not defined by technique or style and more than open for full immersion and free dives. If you have swam down a few meters before, without feeling discomfort or pressure in your ears, maybe even equalized this pressure consciously, you are well prepared. In case you are interested but not clear on the this requirement, please get in touch.
Play-Fight - diving into non-resistance
By Bruno Caverna
A self-empowering physical practice that weaves together cooperative qualities of any type of partner dance with highly refined confrontational principles from capoeira and internal martial arts. The exploration goes beyond the fringes of mere physicality. The reciprocal mirroring through the physical drills leads the practice into a deep space of self-discovery, for acknowledging and revealing myriad aspects in human interactions and expressions. The core guidance is to learn how to preserve own integrity and inner calm under controlled stress-induced events while being engaged through playfully confrontational interactions. The embodiment of principles of non-resistance and non-violence is at the top of all achievements for allowing flow to be embodied, returning thus to our original state of being.
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