Play-Fight Kids

At first sight play-fighting with children looks like just a trivial play. By closely examining we can clearly see, though, the enormous implications of such a pedagogical approach. The underpinning political "deconstructive" flavour is present in subtle manner by simply allowing children to have their voice on the same level of an adult.
We all are born free of concepts, dogmas, religious views, or any cultural ethos. Most of the unbalanced patterns and habits that many experience nowadays are seemingly by-products of the so called modern lives, which is not something inherent in the original genetical built-up codification, but something externally acquired in the interaction with the environmental stimulus.
Play-Fight kids class with Bruno Caverna
Festival of Contemporary Dance "Young and Contemporary" in Russia
The insistence of this addictive dangerous game of imposing systems of values on children leaves in most of us deep wounds/scars on the psychological and emotional bodies, expressed in all kind of forms and dis-easies.
Health professionals tend to fix/correct on the level of the form (symptoms), whereas the roots, the formless causes are somewhat too abstract, complex and intangible to tackle into.
Overall, Formless Arts philosophy strongly resonates with the one from "hunters and gatherers" societies. In their upbringing models even a 3 year old child is free to explore the path that should feel right for that particular individual.
Most of our known maladies are simply inexistent to them. Isn't it fabulous, yet unbelievably overlooked?
Could such ancient knowledge and wisdom be integrated and adapted into our current times without compromising the evolved process we have already moved through?
We shall keep on asking, we shall keep on undoing the unnecessary.