30 November - 1 december, 10:00 - 17:00
Play-Fight workshop
Feldstrasse 24, 1. Stock, 8004 Zürich
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30 November - 1 December
10:00 - 17:00
Recognizing dysfunctional moving patterns
Mapping the inner landscapes of physical blockages
Embodying principles of effortlessness
Pursuit of mental relaxation by confronting discomfortable zones
Releasing internal blockages and recycling stored resistances into forms of power ad personal strength
Primal fear of falling as a coping mechanisms and its multi-dimensionality implications
The cultivation of non-resistance as a doorway to enter into the flow state
Play-Fight is one of the pillars of Formless Arts. The practice weaves physicality with movement philosophy, shedding awareness into the unconscious resistances towards the gravitational force and the pervasive fear of falling (physically and existentially) that appears as an inherent human condition. Tensions and adversities are necessary frictions to spark evolution and growth, however when stagnated, accumulated and suppressed below the conscious radar, it may potentially turn out into traumatic events, the source for a myriad of dysfunctionalities externalized on the body-mind system. The physical drills, orientated in playfulness, focus on recognizing, acknowledging and recycling those harmful lifelong storage of unnecessary hidden tensions and blockages into a self-empowerment cultivation. Play-Fight Practice also regards the ecology of life as an inherent and inescapable interplay between cooperation and confrontation.
about practice and topics
Open level, that's to say, the practice welcomes everyone sincerely curious to embark on a deep and fine self-knowledge practice through physicality, playfulness and embodied philosophy.
Creator of Play-Fight and Liquid-Body practices as well as the founder of Formless Arts and GFP methodology.
Since 1985 Bruno has been studying and integrating various body-mind practices such as Capoeira, Acrobatics, Contact-Improvisation, Contemporary Dance, Qi-Gong, Russian Systema Watsu, Freediving, Butyeko Method and Oxygen Advantage. Bruno has made his movement practices a "spiritual"path of self-knowledge and self-actualization, a way to connect to the essence of the being and to realize what human existence is about.
Bruno Caverna
Bruno's first teaching experience was in 1995 as a facilitator of capoeira activities for the inmates of a psychiatric hospital. For a couple of years Bruno tried helplessly to follow an academic path through the studies of Psychology and Physiotherapy. However he grew skeptical upon noticing how the perspective and tendencies of his professional future was sneakily being shaped and imposed onto him. In 2000 Bruno decided to take a radical decision and dropped out of his comfortable zone from a middle upper class in Rio de Janeiro to go wandering aimlessly alone in the Amazon rainforest. It was an important decision to consciously challenge the establishment at that time, not to conforme or succumb to the flow that society was trapping him into one very narrow life perspective. Such an action allowed Bruno to take the responsibility of his future and destiny back into his hands. Such an impulse led Bruno to leave everything he had behind, to merge into a huge dreadful unknown, facing his deepest fears. This amazonic experience profoundly transformed his perception towards life and death, work, purpose, relationships and even the meaning of love, fear and freedom. Ever since the Amazon experience Bruno has become a wanderer sharing his visions, practices and philosophy all over the world in more than 35 countries. In these past 30 years Bruno has been committed to teach from a place of authentic, integrative and holistic cultivation, weaving and honoring nearly 40 years of knowledge accumulation he was gifted by coming across distinguished teachers and masters. Alexander Solovev is one of those rare geniuses who has been directly transmitting to Bruno a concealed knowledge from ancient russian martial arts. The encounter with Alexander in 2016 had a major revolution on every level of Bruno's life and profession, particularly in the way of sharing the embodiment of a very unique falling principle. Currently Bruno is undergoing a creative process in structuring his own methodology and pedagogy GFP (Gravitational Field Principle) with a clear purpose to bridge this unknown gravitational language to a broader audience. By seeing the effects of this principle applied into people's life beyond the classes contexts, Bruno has become convinced that GFP has the potential to become a deeply transformative tool, a powerful healing knowledge in the individual processes, inasmuch as all of us relate to gravity carrying inevitably the burden of functioning in its field 24/7.
Play-Fight in Paris
30 November - 1 December
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