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11 - 25 August, italy
Play-Fight Camp is one of Formless Arts major events and it works on a collaborative basis. It takes place in a stunningly beautiful landscape of Tuscany and the activities are held in an outdoor studio under a breathtaking view. In case of those seldom rainy days, we will either squeeze and adapt the practice in the small indoor studio or embrace a wet raw experience in the wilderness. The first edition took place in 2016 and every year different collaborators join and support the process by sharing their unique perspectives.
Play-Fight Practice is one of the pillars of Formless Arts. The practice weaves physicality with movement philosophy, shedding awareness into the unconscious resistances towards the gravitational force and the pervasive fear of falling (physically and existentially) that appears as an inherent human condition. Tensions and adversities are necessary frictions to spark evolution and growth, however when stagnated, accumulated and suppressed below the conscious radar, it may potentially turn out into traumatic events, the source for a myriad of dysfunctionalities externalized on the body-mind system. The physical drills, orientated in playfulness, focus on recognizing, acknowledging and recycling those harmful lifelong storage of unnecessary hidden tensions and blockages into a self-empowerment cultivation.

Play-Fight Practice also regards the ecology of life as an inherent and inescapable interplay between cooperation and confrontation. The practice's overall aim is to integrate such a dichotomy into one fertile ground for the exploration of a dynamic balance in between such oppositions. The presence of an engaging partner is vital to ignite the mirror effect, the weaving-thread that permeates through all physical exercises and drills. By cultivating a tactful and honest confrontation, our vulnerabilities, fears, denials, escapisms and blind spots are reciprocally revealed in the bodies. As part of the process we serve to each other as a metaphorical lighthouse, like a point of navigation that supports and nourishes individual's excavation into the depths of our own inner sea of obfuscated resistances, all the way to the roots.
We welcome movers from all kinds of physical disciplines available and willing to handle the physical, emotional and psychological confrontational aspects upon facing the self beyond the images, acquired identities and other social constructions we tend to cling to.
The Camp is an event envisioned by Bruno Caverna that works on a collaborative basis, located in the stunningly beautiful landscape of Tuscany, hosted by Casa Monterosi (the Play-Fight Camp house), in Anghiari (35 km from Arezzo, Italy).

The uncontaminated location, surrounded by hills, forest, breathtaking view and flowing water, offers the perfect conditions to enter in direct touch with Nature and also have the appropriate facilities for living, moving, resting, sharing spaces and time within a large group of people.
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