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"The inability or unwillingness to tap into the very source of the fear of falling may be an everlasting limitation in embodying the skills of preventing the falling injuries. Overtime the inner oblivious resistances will gradually surface and becomes more visible and sculpted on the bodies as it ages. It is natural to the bodies to lose their original fluidity quality, malleability and elasticity, however, there is whole another level of bodily crystallization and rigidity that has nothing to do with the natural way the body ages. Neglected inner resistances oftentimes pave the way for the aging bodies to become physically dysfunctional in many ways. Confronting our fears of falling earnestly may become a doorway, the first tangible step that allows us to have a taste of our untouchable inner resistance, which is a massively complex and sensitive yet a topic that carries the potential to be profoundly transformative. Resistances are our blind spots, and avoidances and self-deceptions. To cast light into these obscured landscapes asks a courageous gesture to embrace our vulnerability at the most. The practice creates fertile ground embody important reflections upon certain the source of self-imposed limitations that oftentimes are concealed under the conscious radar"
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